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At GenEd, we deliver cutting edge genotyping results in beautifully simple reports.  Do you have personal genomic data and want to get more out of your base pairs?  If you are interested in being a beta tester for our report generation software, contact us at stevef@genedsystems.com 

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MTHFR Report

Go ahead and fill in the missing letters! GenEd's Individualized Genotyping Report-MTHFR (IGR-M) will report three SNPs in the MTHFR gene. Want to know more than rs1801131 and rs1801133? Join the GenEd community to get access to our sample MTHFR report.

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Addiction Education Report

GenEd's Individualized Genotyping Report - Addiction Education (IGR-AE) panel will provide the latest information on 17 SNPs in 11 genes known to be involved in the biology of Addiction. Know your genes, own your biology. Join the GenEd community to get access to our sample Addiction Education report.

GenEd Blog

Get the latest on new genotyping panels, the molecular biology of addiction, and other cool and interesting writing on personalized wellness from the GenEd team.

Custom Genetics Reporting

Are you an independent lab and need solutions for reporting your genetics results to consumers and providers? Reach out to the GenEd team to find out more about our competitive reporting services . . .

Custom Panel Request

Reach out to the GenEd team if you are interested in working with us to develop a custom genotyping panel for yourself, your family, or your practice. We can validate single SNPs or large panels and work with you to get CLIA certified.

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