GenEd Systems

GenEd Systems

For the last 3 years, I’ve not been allowed to compete with the company that bought my treatment company. That wasn’t a problem as long as I worked for them, but when it became apparent that our goals didn’t mesh after all, it left me idle. Not a great place for me.

So with time on my hands, I started working on a movie that morphed into a web series called Ending Addiction. That’s great, and I’m enjoying it, but it’s limited. People are responding. They’re thinking about how bad the current system is and how it’s flawed at a deep fundamental level. And they’re asking for help which the show can’t give.

So, we need something more, something that will not just show what’s wrong, but will provide a place to go to get help. You may have read that I believe it is possible to create an addiction treatment system so fast, so good, and so inexpensive that no one would want to use any other system. I can’t start on that until after the non-compete clause is up, but what I can do is start to educate people about how their brain and body works. Enter GenEd Systems.

With partners, Stephen Bass MD and Steven Finckbeiner PhD, GenEd Systems will create educational solutions for individuals with the need to understand their health and wellness. For most lucky people, at least until a certain age, health and wellness are things they can take for granted. For everyone else there’s a complicated healthcare system with no road map. We aim to give them a map.

GenEd won’t provide treatment or diagnosis, but we will educate people on various aspects of health and wellness in ways that are meaningful to them and their life journey. More informed and educated healthcare consumers will improve the system just by the questions they ask and the demands they make. If I can’t yet change healthcare from the inside, maybe the patients can change it from the outside.