About Us

About Us

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The prospects for individualized medicine are great, and genetics will be a big part of that. But currently, the choices aren’t so good. You either have to pay expensive rates for single mutations or get large discounted reports that are so confusing you get no value. They’re discounted because the lab sells your data to others for their own profit. Our goal is to make your results about you!


GenEd reports are deeply curated with up to date scientific literature. We give you focused answers to the questions you have via our easy to use secure portal. And we’ll be growing in content and customer experience. We want to do our part to make individualized wellness decisions more than a fad, because living a healthy life is possible with the right tools!


GenEd was founded by two physicians, Howard Wetsman and Stephen Bass, who believe that people deserve to know how their body works, not just how the human body works. They saw the limitations of modern medical research that looks only at groups and not at individuals. They want to give everyone the knowledge about themselves that even their doctors don’t know.